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LED plug-in Night Lights

Night Lights front.jpg (120316 bytes)  Night Lights back.jpg (132668 bytes)
Night Light front            Night Light back  

Laser engraved, Plexiglass,
White, red, blue, or green LED night lights
110v AC standard, two prong straight plug

Night Light.jpg (133290 bytes)        Night Light cutout.jpg (135910 bytes)
Night Light         Night Light cutout 

Night lite 3.jpg (151787 bytes)  
Red             Blue             Green

$11.00 for white light, $13.00 for colored

Key Chains / Pendants may be ordered for any of the night light designs.

key Chain.jpg (144776 bytes)

Key Chain name
Key Chain / Pendant  

Shopping cart is not set up for individual Key Chain / Pendant orders.  Each will have to be ordered separately and name written in, or called / emailed in. 

Chain not included with Pendants.

Our shopping cart minimum order is $15.00 with a minimum shipping of $11.50.  If you wish to order 1 or 2 night lights (3 key chains), you will need to order either by phone (435-994-2189) or email (  Shipping will be $3.50. 
More than two (3 key chains) will meet our minimum order and shipping will be adjusted to suit order.


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